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Our Past

Grace Presbyterian Church was founded on June 14, 1851.  The first building was completed in 1852 and it was the first brick Church in Martins Ferry.  It was razed in 1900 and replaced with our present structure which was dedicated on April 1, 1901.  In 1909 the pipe organ was installed.  This was a particularly notable date since this was the first pipe organ in Martins Ferry. The air-conditioning was installed in 2002.  

On December 15, 2002 our new addition was dedicated to the Glory of GOD and for the benefit of all people.  This addition made our facilities handicapped accessible to all.  Now we are an open church for all people!  That same day the congregation voted to purchased the 3 story brick building next door and convert it to a mission center.  Today, Webster Hall - A Place of Grace houses a Jr. Youth Center, a Free Legal Clinic, the Lion and Lamb Counseling Center, an N.A. Group and is home to various Sunday School and week day classes.

We at GRACE are constantly growing and changing.  GRACE Church is a place where Jesus Christ is changing lives.  We invite you to come, grow in GRACE, and grow with us!

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Recent Renovations

Down in our Fellowship Hall is a large modern kitchen which was renovated in 2003.  The Young Adult Sunday School Class meets there.  In 2002 an elevator was installed that connects the Fellowship Hall to the new addition.  The new addition, located off of Hanover Street, is a handicapped accessible entrance.  

There are Men's and Ladies' Restrooms located down in the Fellowship Hall.  Recently another restroom was located in the new addition.  This restroom is handicapped accessible and is equipped with a baby changing station and a shower.  On the second floor of our Education Wing there is an another restroom.  

In our Education Wing there are multiple classrooms, a computer center which was built in memory of Deacon, John Carroll, The office of Kevin Campbell, our Coordinator of Teen Ministries, a choir room which has been restored to the Victorian Era, The Pastor's Study, and the Church Office.  

Our Library, built and dedicated on All Saints Day, 1988 is made of oak.  The windows are original windows of our building which occupied the space where the organ now sits.  The Library, located in the annex worship area on the 4th. Street Side is a great place to find a book.  A recently renovated lounge area, just off of the sanctuary is a comfortable area perfect for relaxing.  The photographs on the wall were taken by Rev. Webster in 1995 during a trip to Israel.  On the landing leading to the Fellowship Hall is the acrylic painting, Christ's Passion' done by Stefan Furhmann, an exchange student from Germany. 

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Russian Visitors

On Palm Sunday, 1990, Grace Presbyterian Church became the first church in North America to have more than a handful of people from the then Soviet Union, attend a Protestant Worship Service.  These were members of the famous Bim Bom Circus of Moscow.  Their tour was just beginning in the United States when back home the Soviet Union was disintegrating.  Stranded in the United States, without funding, Grace Church helped to raise money enabling them to safely return home.  A permanent display is mounted on the wall near the pastor's study.  

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